Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer telehealth services?


Yes, we offer a mixture of telephone, video and onsite services. The cost of these services is the same regardless of how you attend your appointment. Please let us know your preference when you book online.

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Do you bulk-bill


Unfortunately we are not a bulk-bill service and we are unable to provide free services. Please contact your GP for free government services in your area.

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What is a Provisional Psychologist?


Provisional Psychologists have been approved by the Australian Health Professionals Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to work with clients under the supervision of more experienced psychologists. At Inner Space our provisionals are under the supervision of our senior psychologists. Whilst they are registered with AHPRA, they can’t provide rebates for Medicare or Private Health Funds. Because of [...]

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Do I need a referral?


No, you don’t need a referral to see one of our psychologists. However, if you are eligible to claim the Medicare rebate you will need a referral and mental health care plan from your doctor stating the type of service and the number of sessions you are being referred for. Please note that  Medicare rebates [...]

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Is my session confidential?


A psychologist is bound by a Code of Ethics that helps to protect your privacy. It is your right to choose whether to tell others about your contact with a Psychologist. However, a psychologist is also bound by a Duty of Care; this means that they are required to ensure your safety and the safety [...]

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Can I get a copy of my records?


Yes. By law you are entitled to have access to your file and/or request a copy. Please note that reasonable fees are charged for copying, collating and viewing a file. Your psychologist will typically ask that you make an appointment in order for us to explain the contents of the file and allow you to [...]

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Can I bring my children to my session?


It is not recommended to bring a young child along to your session. Having a child present can be distracting and may limit what you say and what you get out of therapy. If you have an older child who may be able to wait in our reception area, please bring something for them to [...]

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What can I expect for my first session?


Before your session begins you will be asked to complete some standard paperwork including a personal details form and some questionnaires. You’ll also need to read through an information form outlining our service. When your session begins you will have the opportunity to discuss the paperwork with your psychologist to make sure all your questions [...]

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What types of therapy do you offer?


As a group we offer a range of therapies and treatment approaches. What is offered will depend on the training and preferences of the individual psychologist as well as what your presenting issue might be. All of our psychologists are trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) in addition to other therapy approaches. More information about [...]

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