What is an Addiction

Addiction is a complex disease and involves physical, physiological, psychological, emotional and behavioural changes. It refers to excessive and uncontrolled consumption of potentially harmful substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, prescription medications, or illicit drugs, or excessively partaking in activities such as gambling, video gaming, or sexual behaviours, despite the negative and harmful consequences. Such behaviours continue even beyond the negative impacts they have on the person’s life and often on those around them.

Common Signs of an Addiction

  • Inability to control the behaviour
  • Breakdown of usual relationships
  • Abandonment of usual responsibilities, such as work
  • Preoccupation with the substance or harmful behaviour.
  • Changes in appearance and behaviours
  • Taking risks
  • Mood changes including anxiety and depression

Self-Management, Tips, and Strategies

  • Accept that the behaviour or substance use might be out of control
  • Reach out for help early and get the support of family and friends
  • Talk with your doctor
  • Learn about your addiction
  • Think about the consequences of the behaviour or substance on your life
  • Look for alternative healthy ways to meet your needs
  • Redirect your attention

When can a Psychologist help?

Addictions can have serious consequences and often need professional intervention. Psychologists can help you take back control by exploring reasons for your addiction and helping you to develop strategies to change the behaviour and thinking associated with the addiction. Overcoming an addiction is not easy. . Our team is here to support your through your grief and help you find ways to cope. You can book online using our Book an Appointment button, give us a call on (02) 4625 3339, or email us at admin@innerspacepsych.com.au.

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