What is and Depression

It is normal to feel sad, moody, and low from time to time, and it’s not unusual to lose interest in activities you usually enjoy. However, sometimes that mood, lack of motivation, and loss of interest can persist and become uncontrollable. For some individuals this can impact their daily lives and they may experience these feelings intensely. Depression can be long-standing or more shirt-lived based on a specific situation. Either way, depression can affect both your physical and mental health, leading to issues in relationships and other areas of your life, and ultimately stop you from achieving things you desire.

Common symptons of depression

Depression can manifest in many ways. Here are some of the common symptoms people experience.

  • Behaviour:
    • Not going out anymore
    • Not participating in usual enjoyable activities
    • Withdrawing from close family and friends
    • Relying on alcohol and other drugs
    • Inability to concentrate
  • Feelings:
    • Overwhelmed
    • Guilty
    • Irritable
    • Frustrated
    • Sad, Unhappy, Miserable
    • Lacking Confidence
    • Numb
  • Thoughts:
    • “I’m a failure”
    • “Nothing good ever happens to me”
    • “Life’s not worth living”
    • “I’m not good enough”
    • Difficulty concentrating and making decisions
  • Physical:
    • Sick and run down
    • Tired all the time
    • Headaches and muscle pains
    • Loss or change of appetite
    • Weight gain or loss

Self management tips and strategies

  • Maintain a health lifestyle
    • Healthy Eating
    • Exercise
  • Learn about depression so you understand what you’re experiencing
  • Start relaxation or mindfulness training
  • Creating a routine and sticking to it
  • Set small achievable goals each day
  • Connect with family and friends to maintain contact and support
  • Reach out to support groups if you need extra help
    • Beyond Blue
    • Local Community Health Centre

When can a Psychologist help?

Whilst low mood, low motivation, and a loss of interest is expected from time, when symptoms become persistent and impact your usual activity then it might be a good time to speak to someone and seek extra support. Psychologists can help you work out strategies for managing and reducing the symptoms of depression and explore underlying causes. Our team is here to help when you need a bit of extra support in regaining control to live your best life. You can book online here, give us a call on (02) 4625 3339 or email us at admin@innerspacepsych.com.au.

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