Psychological Assessments

Psychological Assessments

We now have a range of highly regarded psychological assessments services on offer.

At Inner Space, we believe that it is important to gain an understanding of what you may be experiencing and how it may be affecting your life. Having knowledge will assist you with the next step of obtaining the help that you may require to improve your mental health and wellbeing. Thus, ultimately leading to one’s overall quality of life.

All assessment services include:

  • An initial interview/s
  • Testing
  • Report
  • Feedback session

The amount of time required for each assessment and the total cost will vary depending on what tests are required for your needs. To find out which assessment package best suits your needs, we recommend booking a free 15 min online or telephone consult with one of our friendly staff.

Please note that Medicare rebates are not available for assessments. However, all of our assessment packages can be paid via an individualised payment plan. The final payment is required before the report is released.

Whilst we can provide information on cognitive and physical functioning via our various testing tools, we do not provide services for court purposes and cannot comment on forensic issues.

Types of Assessments

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Types of Assessments

PTSD Diagnosis
Our PTSD Assessment is valuable for any individual who may have previously experienced a traumatic event that is continuing to cause distress. It may provide important insights into one’s feelings and behaviours, and provide an understanding of symptoms. It can provide a diagnosis and assist in treatment planning.

ADHD Screening
Our ADHD screening is designed to provide individuals, both adults and young people, with more insight into their experiences. Whilst many symptoms of ADHD can be seen in a range of presentations, ADHD itself is a condition that persists throughout life. Obtaining an understanding of the source relating to ADHD symptoms may contribute to appropriate symptom management and maintenance of care. This screening does not provide a formal diagnosis but it will be helpful in determining if further assessment for a diagnosis is required with a psychiatrist.

Intelligence/IQ Testing
Inner Space provides testing for individuals, aged 6 to 90 years, using widely known cognitive tests of intelligence. These IQ tests may provide important information concerning one’s areas of strengths and difficulties, thereby informing the development of tailored approaches to enhancing performance in educational, work, or social settings.

Screening for Academic Skills
This assessment package will often combine an IQ test with a test of achievement to better understanding one’s capacity to function in an educational setting, including primary, secondary, or university. Having a sound understanding of one’s capability and functioning may assist with school and university provisions for special considerations and inform individualised learning plans.

Functional Skills Assessment
Assessments of function are generally combined with an intelligence test to assess an individual’s areas of strengths and difficulties in regard to a range of skills associated with activities of daily living. This is often required for a diagnosis of intellectual disability. It can help to inform service providers how best to support someone in achieving their goals.

Mental Health Assessments
These assessments can assist in the formal diagnosis of a mental health condition or offer an insight into an individual’s mental health challenges. There are many reasons why someone would require a formal diagnosis, including insurance matters, workplace capacity, educational needs, etc. These assessments may also inform the best approach to treatment.

Memory Screening
Memory problems can be frustrating and significantly impact on someone’s quality of life. At Inner Space we use a well known and validated test of memory covering different types of memory functions. This test is available for those aged between 16 and 89 years of age and is usually used in conjunction with a test of intelligence.

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